Human Resources Guidance

Have you had issues or questions similar to these?

I am about to dismiss an employee. Do I have a proper reason, is it properly documented, and how will it end up if it is challenged by a government investigator?

One of my employees has accused another employee of sexual harassment. How do I resolve this situation?

I have heard that one of my employees has AIDS — what should I do?

An employee wants to see his personnel file. Am I required to show it to him?

May I pay my employees a commission? Do I have to pay overtime to them?

Some of my employees receive “incentive compensation” in addition to their hourly rate — am I required to pay overtime on this, in addition to their regular pay?

May I deduct from a salaried employee’s pay, even if he did not come to work?

One of my employees has been absent for a week. May I place him on Family and Medical Leave and count this past week toward the 12 weeks?

Better Business Planning, Inc. has retained Seay Management Consultants, Inc. to answer your questions about employment issues such as compensation, wages and hours, hiring, dismissal, personnel policy and others. As a client, you are entitled to call and talk with one of Seay Management’s professional consultants at any time.

If you have any questions regarding human guidance and management, you can contact me at the phone number on this site or contact Seay Management directly at:

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